The Association for New Environmental Policies is active since 1999. It is member of almost all the environmental networks in Albania, and in several international.
The Association has almost 150 volunteers, and the membership is quite young. The members of the Association are university professors, researchers, students, etc.
The Association has introduced into the albanian scientific environment new topics such as:

  • the asbestos problem as not known in Albania
  • the problem of the saving energy as a mitigation tool against the climate changes
  • the topic of  creating the bike lanes in our cities, especially with our concrete proposition to the City Hall of Tirana
  • the new practice of the voluntary public contracts between great investors and NGO-s, on the pollution control process.
  • the problem of eco-industrial areas, especially in the Vlora area, when successfully has started to concretise
  • the problem of the thematic parks for the management of the local resources, like the Literrary Parks
  • the problem of the coast erosion, coast degradation, and coat pollutio, especially on the area of Vlora
  • the problem of the management of the natural hazards for the process of legalization of the abusive buildings
  • etc.